NEW EP Adventures in Guitarland

Coming Jan 2021

Three new guitar instrumentals

New From Melody Sky - Evanescent Jeanine Bennett’s breathy and vulnerable vocals are surrounded by a swirling landscape of Lee Boice's acoustic guitars , electric solos and unforgettable melodies all spiced with Indian sarod and tabla.


Evanescent by Melody Sky

Meeting of the Legends

Words fall short, expressions fade, language seems inadequate in striving to define the musical confluence of two legendary figures from two different parts of the world. Sultan Khan and Lee Boice - one with the roots as deep as India itself, the other with a modern sensibility rooted equally in Jimi Hendrix and Ravi Shankar. They met on the streets of New York on a cold winter night. The maestros immediately felt an affinity rooted in soulfulness and decided to make their meeting immortal with this musical masterpiece. Lee Boice composed melodic and detailed tracks while leaving room for Sultan Khan's evocative improvisations. Further enriched by an array of best instrumentalists of this style, both Indian and western, the results are spectacular - a true "Meeting of the Legends". Mystica Music is proud to release this rare piece of 'world fusion music' as every bit of it creates a spellbinding and intoxicating experience for the listener.

Melody Sky Songs for the Global Soul

World Fusion

It started with a dream. Musical brother and sister team Paula Jeanine and Lee Boice wanted to create a new direction in song together. She from pop and jazz and he from rock and blues, both of them filled with a deep love for Indian music from raga to ghazal. Melody Sky features Paula Jeanine's poetry and Lee Boice's melodies woven with stories of solitude, magic and nature, brought to life by Paula Jeanine's soaring voice and Lee's late-night soulful guitar.

The Rulers Measure for Measure

New York City Pop Rock Punk featuring the amazing Louisa Bradshaw on vocals. Rockin ans raw

My 2nd solo album of Indian inspired music . East meets West

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