LEE BOICE - Guitarist - Composer - Producer


Lee has been a professional guitarist for over 35 years . He is a well respected  musician amongst his fellow artist and is a staple in the new York City music scene. Lee 's talents and tastes are diverse being comfortable playing blues, rock , jazz ,world fusion music or any music in between. Lee works with a number of different bands and recording projects and has performed at countless shows across the United states and Europe.He is a prolific writer and producer and is the owner of Sonic Arts Studio in New Jersey , USA where he not only produces his own music but also records and produces many of the New York area's finer artist. His compositions range from pure blues to experimental and sound track music  From the ethereal to the dramatic his works always have a “visual “ element to them , you can almost see the movie scene they were intended to support. 
Lee’s playing style is characterized by his technical proficiency, versatility, and melodic sensibility. He has also developed a reputation for his ability to seamlessly blend different musical genres and styles in his playing.

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