1. CHAL

From the recording CHAL

Chal ( floating )is the second composition in a forthcoming album of ambient backgrounds for meditation and yoga .Lee Boice is a well known guitarist/composer/producer on the NY City music scene. Lee has composed music for film and television and has produced artist from the worlds of rock, blues and jazz. Lee has put out two world fusion albums of his own ( Visions , Sacred Spaces ) that feature internationally known Jazz and Indian Classical musicians including Badal Roy of Miles Davis fame and Indian sarangi legend Ustad Sultan Khan. On the release of Lee’s Sacred Spaced 20th Century Guitar Magazine bragged that “not since John McLaughlin's work in Shakti has the guitar been so well meshed within a World Music fabric “ Lee appears on countless recordings from many varied artist in the world of blues, jazz and rock. He is currently involved in various musical projects both in the US and Europe .